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Why Baltic Road Services

We perform all types of Diagnostics using modern diagnostic equipment
Certified specialists perform tachograph inspection and repairs
Truck, bus and trailer repair workshop
We offer full service, repairs, maintenance, AC refill
Warranty period repairs

SIA Baltic Road Services - company, established in 2020 with aim – provide repair and maintenance services for commercial vehicles. At November, 2020 SIA Baltic Road Services based on purchase agreement received from SIA Latina Baltics (LATINA) assets and liabilities, as a joint property (Company). So, Baltic Road Services became of Successor of Latina Baltics. From December, 2020 Baltic Road Services continues of Latina Baltics business of commercial vehicles repair and maintenance in Latvia.

LATINA is well known in Latvia as one of the biggest and experienced commercial vehicles repair and maintenance companies.

SIA Baltic Road Services has two service centers – one in Riga and one in Liepaja. In both workshops company provides wide range of repair and maintenance works for trucks, buses, trailers, semitrailers and special technics.

The quality of provided repair and maintenance works corresponds with requirements of EC Control Services.

Workshops have big experience in repair and maintenance of MAN, MAZ, Mercedes-Benz, SCANIA, Iveco, VOLVO, DAF, Renault trucks and buses. High level of provided works approved by service partner agreements with truck and bus producers МАZ and TEMSA, trailer and semitrailer producers KÖGEL, KRONE, SCHWARZMÜLLER, WIELTON, KASSBOHRER, FELDBINDER, FLIEGL, axes producers BPW, SAF, MERITOR, GIGANT, brake system producers WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE, HALDEX, garbage technic producer FAUN, hydraulic lift producers DAUTEL and HIAB, heater producers EBERSPÄCHER and WEBASTO.
SIA Baltic Road Services is official representative of diagnostic and testing equipment WABCOWURTH in Latvia.



SIA "Baltic Road Services" signed the service Partner's contract with UAB "ROMASTA", becoming the official service Partner in Latvia of producer of BPW axles. The company is entitled to carry out BPW warranty maintenance and repairs.

date 07.05.2024

SIA "Baltic Road Services" included in independent truck service network Q-Service Truck, thus becoming a support point for Customers of Inter Cars company in Latvia.

date 10.04.2024

In accordance with new European Comission regulation all vehicles used in international transportation must be equipped with 2nd generation SMART Tachograph under the following deadlines:
  • from 21 August 2023 - all new vehicles must be equipped with 2nd generation of SMART Tachograph;
  • until 31 December 2024 - mandatory replacement of all anlog and digital Tachographs; 
  • until 21 August 2025 - mandatory replacement of all 1st generation SMART Tachographs;
  • from 1 July 2026 - all vehicles with gross weight more then 2,5 t must be equipped with 2nd generation SMART Tachographs.

Call to order replacement of your tachograph:

SIA "Baltic Road Services" Tahogrāfu inspekcija "LATINA"
Kurzemes prospekts 23, Rīga

SIA "Baltic Road Services" Tahogrāfu inspekcijas "LATINA" Liepājas filiāle

Cukura iela 1, Liepāja
date 01.09.2023
Our Tachograph Inspection has passed the reaccreditation procedure at the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau and get rights to inspect analog, digital, smart tachographs as well speed limit devices for a period of five years.

date 25.03.2023
From 1st August SIA "Baltic Road Services" workshop "LATINA" is starting work on SUNDAYS!

Workshop's in Riga working hours from 01.08.2022:             
Working days and Saturdays
from 8.00 till 21.00

from 8.00 till 19.00

date 25.07.2022
SIA "Baltic Road Services" included in KNORR-BREMSE service network.
Our workshops are authorized for making of warranty maintenance and repair of KNORR-BREMSE systems.
date  07.07.2022
We have signed Authorized Service Partner's contract with Lithuanian company UAB HIDORA, which represents and distributes special comunal tehnics in Baltic states:
  • KROLL Fahrzeugbau- Umwelttechnik GmbH / Wacuum - high pressure cleaning trucks;
  • Assmann GmbH / vwacuum - High pressure cleaning trucks;
  • Officine Mottola S.r.l. / wacuum - High pressure cleaning trucks;
  • Cos.Eco. Industrie Group S.r.l. / Garbage compactors;
  • Den-Jet Nordic A/S / High pressure water blasters;
  • RSP GmbH / Vacuum excavators;
  • IBAK Helmut Hunger GmbH & Co.KG / Sewer TV inspection systems.
Our workshops authorized make warranty maintenance and repair works for mentioned equipment and trucks.
date 04.03.2022
SIA Baltic Road Services workshop LATINA received WABCO producer's "Gold Service Partner's" certificate. 

Workshop authorized make WABCO pneumatic systems warranty repair and maintenance. 
date 06.10.2021
SIA Baltic Road Services Tachograph's Inspection LATINA did first inspections (including activation and calibration) of SMART Tachographs. Company got an order from our customer "Liepājas Autobusu Parks" to make inspection of 23 SMART Tachographs, installed in new ISUZU and Mercedes branded buses. Passengers can be safe because buses are equipped with newest tachographs that promotes road safety.
date 14.07.2021
Tachograph’s Inspection LATINA of Baltic Road Services was accredited by State Agency “Latvian National accreditation bureau” and expanded the scope of inspection. Now Inspection is able to inspect all types of Tachographs (including analogue, digital and intelligent (SMART)), as well Speed limit devices.
We remind that Tahographs and Speed limit devices mandatory have to be checked at least once every two years.

date 14.06.2021
Baltic Road Services workshop LATINA provide following services:

•    warranty repair and maintenance of МАZ trucks and buses;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of TEMSA buses and coaches;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of KÖGEL, KRONE, SCHWARZMÜLLER, WIELTON, KASSBOHRER,  FELDBINDER and FLIEGL trailers and semitrailers;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of BPW, SAF, MERITOR, GIGANT axes;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of WABCO, KNORR-BREMSE, HALDEX brake systems;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of FAUN garbage technics;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of DAUTEL and HIAB hydraulic lifts;
•    warranty repair and maintenance of EBERSPÄCHER and WEBASTO heating systems;
•    diagnostic and repair of running gear and brake system on a test bench;
•    wheel-toe check and adjustment used laser equipment;
•    adjustment, balancing and repair of tires;
•    repair of engines, gear boxes and other equipment;
•    repair of fuel-equipment for diesel engines;
•    installation and repair of self-contained heaters;
•    diagnostic, repair and programming of ABS, EBS, ECAS systems;
•    balancing of lamps and lightening equipment;
•    diagnostics, maintenance and repair of conditioning systems;
•    installing, repair and regulation of tachographs and speed limit devices;
•    other kind of repair and maintenance works.


Book for repair:

and calibration
Tachograph Inspection LATINA of Baltic Road Services provides inspecting of all types of Tachographs (analogue, digital and Intelligent [SMART]) and Speed limit devices.

Tachograph Inspection LATINA of Baltic Road Services provides services in Riga (23, Kurzemes prospect) and Liepaja (1, Cukura street).

Inspection implemented the quality system, which corresponds with standard LVS EN ISO/lEC 17020:2012.

Inspection has approved by State Agency “Latvian National accreditation bureau” [Valsts Aģentūrā “Latvijas Nacionālais akreditācijas birojs”] (LATAK), as C-type inspection institution in spheres:
•    inspection of analogue Tachographs;
•    inspection of digital Tachographs;
•    inspection of Intelligent [SMART] Tachographs;
•    inspection of Speed limit devices.

Inspection services provided by experienced and qualified staff, which specially trained by Tachograph’s testing equipment producers. Inspection is organizing regular training for their staff to provide highest quality level of inspection services. Inspection has insured Civil liability to third persons.

Inspection is providing following services:
•    inspection of analogue Tachographs;
•    inspection of digital Tachographs;
•    inspection of Intelligent [SMART] Tachographs;
•    inspection of Speed limit devices;
•    inspection of Tachographs and Speed limit devices with a visit to the customer.


Book for inspection:

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